NBC Is Accepting New Show Pitches From Literally Anyone


In what may very well equate to the most insane story I have ever heard, seems NBC is having a “contest” where they are allowing just about anybody to pitch them a show idea. They are calling the idea the NBC Comedy Playground, and will be launching it May first on their website. The idea behind it is that they will take ten pitches, and have people make them into pilots. Then, the channel will pick the two pilots that work the best and make them into shows. To me, this reeks of one thing: desperation

That would be like if we ran an “post your article idea” forum, and then just took the best articles and posted them as ours. It is lazy, and seems like a sure fire way to lose the respect of the masses. Also, who has time to sit around and dream up pilot TV shows for NBC? We live in a world where you miss a day of work and you don’t eat for a week. Yet, here are NBC saying, hey guys, give us your ideas for free. Keep in mind, the two winners will be paid, but think about the thousands of people who will pitch shows (heck, even the eight who get chosen to make them but do not get picked for an actual show)? Come on, NBC. If you think you re going to offer competition to Netflix and HBO with ideas like this, it makes sense that you are falling behind as a network.

Entertainment Weekly has some interesting thoughts of their own in this NBC debacle. Either way, I am SO pitching my show about a family of zombies living in the suburbs among the normal people, called The Zomburbs. © Yes, I have already had it copy written, so I win.

[Photo via Michael Nagle / Stringer]

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