NBC Anoints Chuck Todd as Next Meet the Press Host

chuck todd

We don’t dabble is hard news programs much here, but Meet the Press is one of the most important news show on cable, and NBC has done something rather large with it. They’ve pulled current host David Gregory, and will replace him with NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd. You know, the one who looks like Saul Goodman with a goatee.

The rumors have been flying around this switch for weeks now, and NBC has just only now confirmed his appointment. Ratings of Meet the Press have been down for a few years now, and will likely never recover to their highs when the late Tim Russert was the host. Todd has been lobbying for the hosting job even since before Gregory was named, and now that he has it, will give up his position as White House correspondent, and his MSNBC show. But I doubt he minds very much. Less certain is the fate of the outgoing David Gregory, but reports are that he’s not being forced out or anything as hostile as that.

There’s no telling if Todd will result in a ratings spike for the show. Though he’s demonstrated the ability to be a capable journalist and interviewer, it’s hard to say if he has that spark that could draw viewers back to the flagging Meet the Press. Tim Russert really was the pitch perfect host for the show, and his absence is still felt years later.

What do you think, hardcore news fans? Is Todd the right man for the job, or will he have no better luck that Gregory?

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