NBC Developing Autobiographical Adam Levine Show


You all know Adam Levine, right? Lead singer of Maroon 5, judge on The Voice, and had a small bit in the most recent season of American Horror Story? Well, if you like the waif-esque singer, this will be great news to you. Seems NBC is in talks with the singer about developing a comedy show with his former roommate and Community writer, Gene Hong, about the time they spent struggling, BEFORE they were famous. If you like Adam Levine, this is great news for you. Ofcourse, if you’re not a fan, this will just make you want to roll your eyes.

The basic premise behind the show will focus on a younger Levine and someone to play Hong, and how they were struggling to make it, working their tails off, and in the process, getting into some kooky, comical escapades. The thing that stands out to us is, if Levine roomed with Gene Hong, who is genuinely funny, than perhaps this could actually be somewhat entertaining. Adam Levine is a charismatic guy with a faithful following, and Hong definitely has payed his comedic writing dues. So who knows, as jaded as I may be about superstars who become even BIGGER superstars, I should reserve any of my judgement on this show until I actually get a chance to see it.

Who knows, it could be the funniest thing since watching a constantly shirtless Adam Levine dance around in skinny jeans. Yes, I went there.

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