NBC Developing CIA Show To Star Katherine Heigl


Uproxx is reporting that Katherine Heigl, star of Knocked Up, will be the lead in their new CIA show they are developing right now. While that in itself may not seem that remarkable, we need to remember that Katherine Heigl left the “small screen” to pursue the “big screen” after she had some issues behind the scenes with the show’s creators. If you all recall, this hints of a certain other TV star who left a show (NYPD Blue) to pursue films, and when Hollywood would not come calling, he came back to the small screen to put on his sunglasses and say witty, one-liners over Who music.

I think you know who I am talking about.

So the yet unnamed CIA show will be about a “maverick” CIA officer who is plucked from the field to work side-by-side with the President, assessing daily threats and keeping the safety of him, and the entire world, as her number one priority. Uproxx is already pointing out the connection to the current show, Scandal, so we won’t even touch it. But doesn’t that make this story kind of a scandal? So is this a real scandan within a fake one? Wouldn’t that be Scandelception? I am not trying to blow your minds here, but I think that is a valid question.

The other valid question is will this show be good enough to rise above Scandel and other similar shows, or should Katherine Heigl have stayed on the big screen? Well, actually, should she have never left the small screen in the first place?

Wow, this poses questions within question. Questionception.

Okay, sorry. That is officially the LAST time I make that joke.

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  • Rena Moretti

    Yet another brain-dead idea from NBC. Katherine Heigl is a hideously bad actress. Nobody wanted to see her in movies and her show was successful IN SPITE of her lack of acting talent, and would have been more successful if they had hired a real actress.

    As for NBC thinking Scandal is a hit, it goes to show how bankrupt their thinking is since Scandal would have long been canceled on CBS, the only network to have produced real hits (The Mentalist and Big Bang Theory) is recent years.