NBC Gets Debra Messing for The Mysteries of Laura

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Can I just start this off by saying the recent trend of great book and book series’ being adapted into television shows makes us very happy. Only a fool wouldn’t notice that this has resulted in some utterly brilliant television in the last half decade or so, and hopefully this trend is not going away anytime soon. NBC seems to think it isn’t, as they are adapting the Spanish  Los Misterios De Laura Into The Mysteries of Laura, starring Will and Grace alum, Debra Messing. If the show is half as good as the book, NBC has a great run in front of them.

The Mysteries of Laura will focus on Messing as the titular lead, Laura, as she goes about doing her best to solve crimes and deal with killers. The rub will be that, as good of a detective as she is, she has trouble keeping her twins in line. The irony being that this woman can go toe to toe with some of the sickest minds (in fiction) and walk away having won, yet when it comes to her twins, she has no control. The show will feature Laura trying to find a balance between her worlds. A more reasonable middle ground, if you will. Check out more at TV Line.

The reality here is NBC have mined a great source here, and Debra Messing is pretty great in anything she touches, so they may really be onto something with The Mysteries of Laura. The show is set to begin filming soon. and we will clue you in on more about the potentially great mystery as we learn about it.

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