NBC Greenlights a One-Time Maya Rudolph Variety Show

maya rudolph

You guys might all be a bit too young to know what a Variety Show is (thank your lucky stars for that) but I can take a moment to tell you of their horrors. They used to exist in the 70’s, and were basically like sketch shows, only with a great deal of singing and dancing as well. Imagine SNL crossed with Glee and you have a pretty solid idea. They were very odd, and didn’t live much past the seventies and eighties for a reason. Well, guess what? NBC is working on a Maya Rudolph Variety Show. Don’t get scared yet, perhaps they are just being ironic.

It should also be known that the Maya Rudolph Variety Show will be a one-shot deal. This is not a weekly show or anything, so don’t get too scared. It is a one time deal, set to air May 19th, and will feature Maya along with many actor and actress friends, and many old SNL alumni faces. Andy Samberg and Kristen Bell (Do You Wanna Build A Snowman??) are just two of the many names appearing on the roster. I can tell you right now, this will be one of two ways. One, it will be awful and you will feel bad for the cast as you watch it and cringe. Or, it could he self satire and hilarious and retro-tastic all at once.

I am leaning more towards the first, but that’s just me.

[Photo v ia Frazer Harrison / Getty]

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