NBC Hopes Supernatural Show Wasteland Will Turn Some Heads

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NBC is taking notice of all the supernatural style crime shows by banking on a couple of their own next year. Leading the charge will be Wasteland. A show with a premise just insane enough to work. So what is that premise? Well, you know all those shows now about cops and U.S Marshals who hunt down bad guys? Well, it is one of those. Except in this case, the bad guys will be monsters. No, you did not misread that.

Okay, okay, so it might not be monsters in the “werewolves and vampires” set, but they say it will be “fugitives with supernatural powers.” So, in essence, monsters. Here is the thing with semi-high-concept supernatural TV shows. Unless you have a budget to match your ambition, it will fail. We don’t need poorly rendered creatures and lame “after effects” supernatural powers. My only real comment is, do not try to do this unless you can do it right. The concept sounds interesting enough, as does the talent behind it so far. The show is set to be a mini-series, which I think is their way of saying: we are doing a test run with this show. If people like it, they will get more. Think True Detective (which was a one time mini-series before it became a huge hit and a seasonal show).

Like I said, it is way too early to pass any judgement. But this will all succeed or fail based around just how much effort is put into the show. The concept sounds unique, but I guess we will just have to wait to see what else we hear about Wasteland.

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