NBC Kills Gritty Wizard of Oz Reboot, Emerald City

wizard of oz

There are a number of high profile Wizard of Oz reboots in the works right now, including Tim Kring’s Dorothy Must Die which was recently sold to the CW. But now, one is pretty much dead, as NBC has killed their own gritty Oz tale, Emerald City.

The show was reportedly inspired by Game of Thrones, just you know, set in Oz. The casting call wanted Dorothy to be “natural, and not waify, beauty scarred by past experiences,” and a witch to be a “drugged-out virtuoso filled with self-loathing.” How fun!

Anyway, writer Josh Friedman was reportedly sparring with the network on the direction of the show, so much so that they dropped it entirely despite already giving it a straight-to-series order, which does not usually happen. There’s still some chance that the show could be shopped around elsewhere, but given all the other Oz reboots in the works, that probably won’t come to pass.

I understand the fun of playing with public domain properties, but it’s hard to imagine that there’s anything good that can come out of a “dark and gritty” Oz reboot. Hopefully these projects don’t get too insane, or they’re axed before they see the light of day like this one. That said, I will be absolutely shocked if we don’t see a film reboot of Oz sometime in the near future. The original one, not the weird Tim Burton-y prequel we saw with James Franco a little while ago.

What do you think? Is the Oz universe built to expand like this? I know there are other books, but can this really be a network Game of Thrones? But with flying monkeys and a House Lollipop?

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