NBC Renews Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Grimm and More


Great news for fans of NBC dramas today, as the network has given the green light to many of its most beloved shows. NBC had a great year in 2013 and is looking to continue that trend into 2014 as well. The top ranking network for the key demographic of 18-49 year old adults, you cannot help but look at NBC’s programming and understand why they are on top of their game. Gripping dramas and interesting character studies are just a few of the things that keep people tuning in.

Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Grimm are just three of the shows that NBC has given the green light to for another season. I know Grimm fans would have probably rioted had that show been canceled, so it seems like a smart idea on NBC’s part to let that story keep unfolding. Chicago PD will be the newest of the bunch, and is a spin off of Chicago Fire, starring Sophia Bush. The Hollywood Reporter has more on NBC and their decisions.

I think what we are looking at now are networks realizing they need to go full A-game if they intend to contend against networks like Netflix and HBO, who seem to only come to table when they have pitch perfect material. Will NBC stay on top as these other networks find their footing more and more? Only time will tell. But with a lineup like this, NBC is off to a great running start.

[Photo via Scott Green/NBC]

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