NBC’s Sound of Music a Big Ratings Hit

Paul December 6, 2013 0

sound of music

The reviews were mixed, and I hear stories of more than a few moms leaving the room, unsatisfied with Carrie Underwood’s adaptation of The Sound of Music, but the event made for a huge night for NBC. Over the course of the three hour live event, The Sound of Music had 18.2  million viewers with a rating of 4.2.

This makes it NBC’s biggest non-sports Thursday since back in the Frasier days of 2004. Outside of The Big Bang Theory during a brief half hour window, The Sound of Music destroyed everything else on that night. As sad as I was Parks and Recreation wasn’t on, NBC really needed a night like this in order to not lose hope completely.

That said, I wonder if this will spark some big musical production insurance, where networks hire pop stars to remake classic musicals in live events. Actually, that could be kind of cool, depending on who was involved and what they were adapting. Someone do Book of Mormon, please.

Did you watch The Sound of Music? What did you think of Underwood and the adaptation?

[Photo via Will Hart/NBC]