What You Need to Know About Scandi Sensation “Shame”

Norway has produced a new television series that is becoming the next sensation for teens that European Networks are all over. “Shame” is the show that have broadcasters in the Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany and Spain signing up for. The orders are coming in left and right for local adaptations of the series that is known as “Skam” to Norwegians. Here is what we know about it so far.

The focus of the series

The setting for the Norwegian teen drama is in Oslo, Norway. It follows the lives of teens as they go about their daily activities. The boys and girls who appear in this popular teen show spend their time hanging out in the suburbs of the city which is also the capital of Norway. The stories that are shared on the show offer a realistic look at how modern teens in the Oslo suburbs interact with one another and it brings the rest of the world into theirs. The series has received high praise for its realism and this is one of the reasons why it has become such a big hit with not only Norwegians but internationally as well.

Who it’s for

“Shame” is a show that is geared towards the social media generation. Each character on the show regularly posts photographs and information about the plot and key events from the show so fans can stay up to date on what is happening and what is coming up on the series. This is done in real time so there are multiple storylines being shared as they occur for a total infusion of social media into the show. When parents want to know more about what their kids are watching, all they need to do is to log into their social media accounts to find out.

Inspiration for the show

“Skam” was born from an idea that arose from the “Girls 16” project which followed teenagers for eighteen months to complete research on their passions, fears, dreams and what their needs are. The show began as s scientific study and went from there. The results of the research gave plenty of fodder for the creation of the show that gives a realistic look into the lives of modern teenagers. Part of the appeal of the show is that teens can easily relate to the characters as well as the topics which are covered because the situations that arise are common issues among people in this age. One of the storylines in the show includes Isak and Even who are an LGBT couple and their story is told very openly and honestly.

Some criticism

The show is educational and it highlights important social issues such as the prejudice in the country towards people of the Muslim faith. The goal of the show is to offer positive education about current affairs but there has been some criticism leveled at the creators because of the lack of cultural diversity. Even though there are good intentions, the cast is predominantly white and with three seasons already filmed, there has been plenty of time to create a little more diversity.

Spreading throughout the world

The show is so popular that it is being broadcast with subtitles that include English as well as other languages. It is a hard hitting show that has ups and downs but it’s spot on in the characters’ portrayal of what life is like for the teens of today. The show has amassed teen followers from all across the globe and this is the impetus behind the major networks for securing rights to create their own versions.

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