Netflix Embracing 4K TV Technology, Ditching 3D

Paul December 16, 2013 0

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Netflix has the power to be a trend setter in the TV/Entertainment realm, and if they embrace your technology, you’re good to go. But if they ditch it? You may be on the way out.

Speaking to Macleans, Netflix CPO Neil Hunt talked about how the company believes 4K TV is the “real deal,” while offering 3D programming isn’t quite as high on the priority list, given the company’s limited success with it.

“Hunt believes Netflix can be the source of 4K content, since people won’t necessarily want to buy new devices to play discs or upgrade their libraries to another new format. “It seems to me that this time it’s internet delivery,” he says. “We [internet video] are often perceived as the last game in town, the scratchy video in 380p, but here we can really leapfrog to the front. I’d like to win a technical Emmy for delivery.”

I agree. I think we’re honestly just done with physical media for movies and TV shows after this generation of Blu-rays. There will be nothing after Blu-rays, it will ALL be digital, either streamed on Netflix or bought on iTunes.

As for 3D?

“We’re probably looking to back out of it in the end. I’m not sure there’s enough value in it.” Hunt says. “We’ve got a small collection and we’ll keep that going but we’re certainly not looking to expand it.”

3D TVs have not really caught on. Many TVs, including my own, have “3D capability” but they’re low quality. Many dedicated 3D TVs simply don’t warrant the purchase with limited content availability and problems with shutter glasses being expensive and on occasion, inducing nausea (this also happened to me).

4K is exciting, and if Netflix starts streaming it, they’ll break some bandwidth records, that’s for sure. Hopefuly our rusty internet in the US can keep pace.

[Photo via Adam Taylor/FOX]