How Netflix is Forever Changing How Seasons are Filmed (and Shown)


Netflix has already changed how we watch TV, and it is set to change it even more. In this case, I am talking about how they film the seasons of their televisions shows, and how those seasons are then delivered to us. Normal shows seem to just tell their stories in order, jumping around if need be. Netflix does not film (or show seasons) like that. They are filming their episodes like chapters, and that is changing the way the narrative is being delivered. The end result, in my opinion, is a better viewing experience.

First, we start with Arrested Development. The last season that Netflix ran, it did something brilliant. It ran episodes that were themed around characters. All these themed episodes seem odd at first, but about halfway through the season, we began to see all the elements of the season beginning to gel. One you figured out how it all came together in the final episode of that season, it hit you just how genius these guy and gals were. It had flow int he same way a good book does, but in a way that a TV show rarely does.

Now look at the new season of Orange is the New Black. Same thing. Not episodes that focus just on characters, but it breaks up the way it tells the story by leaving each episode to focus on one aspect of the story. Example, first episode of season two was all Piper. Second episode was the rest of the girls and how they were getting on after she left to go to Chicago and testify.

In the end, it just works so much better than the linear story telling we are used to from TV. Seasons that went in order and jumped around and changed tone. Netflix has created a way to show seasons that is not like that. My main point here is, do not be surprised when other networks begin filming and showing their own seasons like that.

[Photo via Netflix]

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