Netflix Makes a Trailer for Their Streaming Fireplace

Paul December 20, 2013 0

Ever just want to relax by a warm, crackling fire in the cold of winter, but don’t have a fireplace? Well, Netflix has the answer for you with their streaming uh…thing, Fireplace In Your Home.

But not content with merely letting people stumble across it on their own, they crafted an epic movie trailer for the fireplace, complete with quotes extolling the virtues of what you see onscreen. Who knew that fire spreading across logs could be so heart-wrenching and riveting? I certainly didn’t.

This might actually be Netflix’s best bit of original programming ever.  Move over, House of Cards! Fireplace In Your Home is here. Watch the trailer for it yourself, and look up the fireplace on Netflix if you want to pretend to be warm this winter. You know, mind over matter might actually heat you up just a little bit as you imagine what it WOULD be like to be in front of a warm fire. But sadly you really can’t replicate the famed fireplace smell. If anyone is going to invent smelling TV in the future, it’s probably going to be Netflix, let’s be honest.