Netflix is Now Streaming 4K, But Can Anyone Watch It?


Netflix appears to be ahead of their time, as they’ve just now started streaming 4K in the form of upgraded House of Cards episodes. The format is the next big thing after 1080p, but is still massively expensive. Few people own 4K capable TVs at this point, as the technology is too pricey to be adapted widely yet.

The second problem is bandwidth. Last night my wife was trying to watch a show on Netflix while I played an online game on my computer. Whatever I was doing caused Netflix to lag so much it was unwatchable, and I had to stop. I have Time Warner’s “upgraded” internet with 30 Mbps download speed, and even then I we still couldn’t do two internet-heavy things at once. 4K is infinitely more unwieldy to stream, and I doubt that most people’s meager internet connections can handle it. If you live in Silicon Valley or South Korea, perhaps you can stream 4K with no problems, but I highly doubt that’s the case for most of the general public.

Perhaps this will be widespread one day, but for now, Netflix seems to be a bit too eager to embrace tech few can even use. I suppose they can afford to be “innovators” in the field, however.

[Photo via Netflix]

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