Why The Netflix Price Hike Is All A Part of the Business


So Netflix is raising the cost of its service by a few dollars a month, and apparently, this has the world up in arms. How dare a hugely growing company who wants to expand more into original programming charge us more, even though they are clearly spending more themselves. Oh, and how dare they charge us more, even though they have been growing in popularity over the past few years with some amazing numbers to show for it. How dare they try to maximize their own private profit. Oh wait, I am sorry. That is the whole point of running a business. Seems the world is forgetting that.

So Netflix gives you a service that, for all intents and purposes, makes it so you don’t have to buy DVDs of shows or movies. They give you a service that, honestly, could provide you with a different show or movie, every day until you die. Again, not kidding. Yet, somehow, charging us a couple bucks more a month makes them into the devil in people’s eyes. How do you think they make shows like Orange is the New Black? They pay. They pay their actors and writers and producers and so on and so forth. Plus, the fact that they are really expanding and plan on bringing us many more original shows (and maybe eventually, original films) indicates to me they are spending much more than they were when they were just letting us watch stuff that already existed.

So everyone chill out. Netflix provides a great service that is looking to only get better and better. If a few more bucks a year means that much to you, test your life without Netflix for a month. Trust me, that month will prove to you just how essential they are.

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