Netflix Survey Says People Want to Binge Watch TV While Working Out

Paul January 2, 2014 0

Netflix just come out with a new survey that says 50% of people would like to watch their favorite shows as they work out, and 40% said they would be MORE likely to do so if they had access to their favorite shows on demand.

It’s the reason why most workout machines at gyms have TVs embedded in them now, but who watches standard TV anymore? I think this is where Netflix might have something up their sleeves.

Rather than ensuring all gyms have WiFi and all gym patrons have tablets to watch shows on, I think that Netflix might try something else. I believe they’ll partner with either fitness machine manufacturers or gyms themselves to bring Netflix to all sorts of cardio machines. This is a potentially huge market for them, and mark my words, they’ll announce it within the year.

Watch the video above which has more to say on the subject.