Netflix To Take On How To Train Your Dragon Spin-off


I told you guys, Netflix is taking over. Over at my site I have already succumbed and now recommend films mostly based on whether they are on the provider or not. You want further proof, just look at their relationship with movie giants, Dreamworks. Not only did they turn their movie Turbo into an animated show that runs only on Netflix, but they just got the rights for the new episodes of How To Train Your Dragon. The episodes that act as the bridge between the first and second movies. I am telling you, between all their great reruns and original shows, I will say it again: Netflix will soon be THE network to beat, and they didn’t even start out as a “network”.

There is one small rub, though. Even though the episodes that Netflix will run will coincide with the new movie, they are not going to be available until 2015. I know, seems like a strange choice, but you need to understand the logistics of how these deals work out. Up to now, Cartoon Network has owned the rights. So there is obviously some switching of hands going on here. That can tie things up with red tape, which probably explains the delay. Either way, though, it is another massive step in the direction that Netflix is going. From How To Train Your Dragon to Arrested Development and Orange is the New Black, the battle will soon be between HBO and Netflix for network supremacy.

Now that is a battle I would watch. Heck, they both have dragons!

[Photo via Dreamworks]

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