The New World Record For Longest Fall With Just A Rope (No Bungee Cord)

The new world record for a free fall with a static rope, not a bungee cord, was just broken. Correction, it was just shattered. Call Guinness as well and tell them that they might need to tack another record onto that as well, the longest free fall that didn’t involve anything being jarred loose from a human body to splat on the rocks below. Seriously man, how in the world did that harness help the guy to avoid having anything broken, dislocated, pulverized, or even just yanked so hard that it snapped? I’m hoping that people do realize that a free fall means you have no control, not even the illusion of control, and will be completely at the mercy of whatever gravity wants to do to you once its full effect is applied. Just a reminder, gravity can be very much like life when you tempt it and push it too far, it can reach out and swat you like a fly on the windshield of a race car doing in excess of a hundred miles an hour.

How this guy didn’t pass out or even incur a single injury is intense and insane since I would think that he’d be groaning in pain from the effect of having the harness dig into his body firmly enough that he’d have to have it surgically removed from certain areas. Any free fall that’s over two stories is simply too much, since like I said gravity will take hold and do some pretty mean stuff to a human body once it’s time to land. A bungee cord would at least snap a person back up to their start position and give way a bit, allowing a person to experience some of the force of gravity but not all of it all at once. This harness the guy was wearing must be reinforced better than anything on the market since the effect of falling that far and then just stopping when the slack runs out is kind of like the biggest hangman’s noose that you’ve ever heard of or seen.

The jarring force from the end of the fall would be enough to snap a log in half you would think or at least splinter the danged thing. And yet he’s hollering and whooping it up at the end as though nothing just happened, as though the distance was just a short distance. Maybe it’s the adrenaline in his system allowing him to react this way, because there’s no doubt at all that his body would be jacked up on adrenaline from the moment he jumped all the way down. If that’s the case then he might start shaking the moment they get him back on the platform, or perhaps even before that.

There are a lot of ways to make a world record and there are a lot of ways to kill yourself and make it look entertaining. I wouldn’t recommend this as one of them. What this guy did was impressive but it’s almost as though he has a borderline death wish.

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