NFL Meets Game of Thrones for New Super Bowl Ad

I guess you could look at Game of Thrones and the NFL as having a few similarities. Different factions from around a nation war for control of a throne that declares them the best in the land. One Austrian sports network decided to take that to the next level with this Super Bowl promo spot showing a few of the best players worked into a Game of Thrones style intro.

The end result is pretty damn good, and I’m surprised we over here in America didn’t think of it first. Which ever team you support, I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree this is a pretty awesome Super Bowl promo. Hopefully we’ll see it airing in the US soon, as they would be remiss to miss the chance. Next up, we’ll be seeing Tom Brady guest starring as a Lannister. He totally would be a Lannister.

If I’m dumb and there is an English version out there, please send it my way, but it’s pretty easy to appreciate it in Austrian regardless as we can all sort of guess what the text says. Check it out for yourself above.

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