Nick’s Favorite TV Shows of 2013


As a guy, we admit to watching a lot of TV.

It’s not an obsession or anything that should be of concern, but with short days and cold weather, what else is there to do?

So anytime we get a chance to make a frozen pizza and be a lazy sack on the couch for hours after work, we take the opportunity to do so.

With so many options to choose from these days, what shows should you be watching though? Well since we’ve already given the best channels on TV, we examined our favorite TV shows of the year and give them to you right here.

Just remember to set your DVR guys.

[Photo via Patrick McElhenney/FX]

6. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Arguably the funniest show on TV, these cast of characters give its viewers what we’ve been seeking since Seinfeld ended—a show that’s got a random plot but makes us laugh the entire time.

If you don’t watch yet, scoop the previous season’s on DVD and get yourself caught up already!

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5. Tosh.0

Daniel Tosh - logo

He’s vulgar.

He’s perverted.

He’s immature.

Daniel Tosh can be described as a lot of things, but as much as you might want to hate his show for pushing the limit, it’s like that car crash you just can’t take your eyes off of. Once you turn it on, you just can’t help but keep watching it.

[Photo via Comedy Central]

4. Family Guy

family guy2

For some insane reason, we’ve heard people complain they don’t like this show much anymore because Seth MacFarlane’s become too mainstream.

Really? That’s the reason you don’t want to watch an all-too-familiar-to-your-family animation of fart jokes and memorable plots?

If that’s your actual reason, you need to lighten up.

[Photo via FOX]

3. Million Dollar Listing


Go ahead and make fun of us because it’s on Bravo, but thanks to this show, we’re a damn expert in how to pull-off a successful open house and sell our damn casa. In this economy, that’s saying something!

Sure, it’s a little cheesy with the “drama”, but seeing houses that we’ll never be able to afford more than makes up for it.

[Photo via Rob Kim/Getty]

2. Parks and Rec


When viewers only beef with this show is that they’re not getting enough of Aziz Ansari’s character, than you know it’s a hit.

Teaming up awkward, yet lovable, characters, this show gives us the chance to still relive the glory days of The Office—now that it’s on its final legs.

Most people grew-up in a small town, so the homebodies and personalities are very much relatable to people we’ve known our entire lives.

[Photo via Tyler Golden/NBC]

1. Mad Men

mad men

Everything you hope to be is what Don Draper already is.

He’s boss, literally, being a king at his job and having a damn good time doing it.

There’s a reason why it’s frowned upon to drink whisky, smoke cigs and hit on all the hot females in your office, and that reason is because of guys like Draper.

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