Orphan Black Cast Members Take Comic-Con Photo with Firefly’s Alan Tudyk

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Orphan Black is one of the least watched but most beloved shows on TV right now. Similarly, Firefly is a cult classic that never did well in the ratings but has amassed an incredible following since going off the air. Putting these two television gems together seems like a fanboy’s dream, something that’s just too awesome to happen. However, Orphan Black and Firefly did come together over the weekend at Comic-Con, when Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany (God, I love her), along with her two other cast members, Ari Millen (who plays Mark and now all of Mark’s numerous male clones that we learned about in the second season finale of Orphan Black) and Kristian Bruun (who play’s Alison’s husband Donnie), met up and got a photo with Wash from Firefly, also known as Alan Tudyk.

As someone who loves Orphan Black and is also a huge Firefly fan, seeing this picture was definitely one of my Comic-Con highlights of the weekend. It’s always cool and fun when cast members of your favorite shows know each other. But for science fiction series like Orphan Black and Firefly, which are (or were, in Firefly‘s case) watched by such small audiences, there’s something even more special about it because it shows some type of sci-fi show unity, that the stars of these little-watched series get how great their shows are and how passionately their fans love them (even if they don’t have that many fans to speak of ).

Although he’s kept busy since Firefly with numerous different film and television roles, not to mention some fantastic voice work in animated movies like Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen, here’s hoping that Alan Tudyk could somehow find his way onto Orphan Black during the show’s third season. Tatiana Maslany is pure perfection on her own (seriously, let’s get this woman an Emmy), but her and Tudyk sharing a seen together? I’m not sure of I can accurately describe just how much fun that would be to watch.

Here’s a full version of the photo from Ari Millen’s Twitter.

Orphan Black Full

Photo via Twitter

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