“Party of Five” Reboot Is in the Works on Freeform

People who remember the 1990s might remember Party of Five, which started up in 1994 and continued running until 2000. For those who don’t, the series was a drama centered around the five Salinger siblings, who were orphaned when their parents were killed in a car crash. As a result, the eldest Charlie became the guardian of his four siblings, which were in addition to his new responsibilities for running their family restaurant. Meanwhile, the other Salinger siblings struggled with their own issues, all of which were in addition to the impact of their shared parental loss. Overall, while Party of Five took some time to build up momentum, it managed to secure a significant number of fans, which explains why that there is a Party of Five reboot that is being made at the moment.

What Can We Expect From the Party of Five Reboot?

Some reboots are simple and straightforward photocopies of their predecessors. In contrast, other reboots are updated to reflect the present rather than the past. Based on what has been revealed about the Party of Five reboot, it is known that it will be an example of the second.

For starters, the Party of Five reboot won’t be about the Salinger siblings but rather about the Buendias siblings, who have lost their parents not because a car crash but because of a deportation order. In other words, the Party of Five reboot will be putting a fair amount of focus on the impact that the Trump administration’s immigration policies are having on families living throughout the United States. Considering that deportation is serving as a replacement for a car crash, it seems probable that said focus will not exactly be complimentary towards those immigration policies.

It is interesting to note that this change was the choice of the series co-creators Chris Keyser and Amy Lippman. Furthermore, the two have brought on Michal Zebede to co-write the pilot with them, which is important because Zebede is a first-generation American, while Rodrigo Garcia has been chosen to direct the pilot. Summed up, the series co-creators seem to be serious about treating their subject matter with the appropriate level of sensitivity, which is something that bodes well for the future of the Party of Five reboot.

Further Considerations

With that said, it is important to note that the Party of Five reboot has not received a series order from Freeform at the moment. Instead, it has received a pilot order, meaning that its future is reliant on how well the eventual pilot will perform with those who see it. As a result, there is no guarantee that the Party of Five reboot will ever make it onto the TV screen as a full-fledged TV show, though the circumstances suggest that it has a fighting chance of success.

Interestingly, if the Party of Five reboot manages to make it onto Freeform, it would not be the first TV show to address the issue of immigration crackdowns. For proof, look no further than One Day at a Time, which covered the issue of undocumented immigrants along with a number of other serious social issues. As a result, it seems clear that the subject matter of the Party of Five reboot is something that has managed to become a major topic of the day, which is perhaps unsurprising considering the priorities of the current presidential administration.

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