Patrick Stewart and Seth McFarlane’s New Show Gets Picked Up by Starz


When it comes to odd pairings that you would assume would not get along, I would think Patrick Stewart and Seth McFarlane would be on that list. Thing is, they have a great working relationship. So much so, that McFarlane wrote a show for Stewart called Blunt Talk, and the network Starz just picked it up for a 20 episode run. Truth is, you could have a show with Patrick Stewart reading bed time stories, and I would probably watch it. Patrick Stewart is just that cool. McFarlane is pretty solid, too.

So the Patrick Stewart and Seth McFarlane show, Blunt Talk, will feature Stewart as a newscaster from across the pond who tries to come and conquer American news as well. Seems simple enough, but with these two on board, you can bet hi jinx will ensue. Starz has ordered a 20 episode run of the show, and is banking on the big names involved to bring in some viewers. The role sounds like something perfect for Patrick Stewart, and with Seth McFarlane putting it all together, safe to assume it may have some riotous moments that make audiences wickedly uncomfortable. I mean, we all know Seth loves doing that by now. Just look at his batting record.

The truth is, I am just really happy to have Patrick Stewart starring in anything. Whether he is the leader of the X-Men, or some really mean boss, the man can do no wrong. Is i weird that I am already PRAYING that there is an Ian McKellen cameo?

[Photo via Michael Loccisano / Getty]

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