Penny Dreadful Showrunner Opens Up

penny dreadful

At the San Diego Comic Con, Penny Dreadful showrunner John Logan, also the writer behind Skyfall and Gladiator, as well as the mysterious new Bond film to be released at an undisclosed date, opened up about running his first show and what the next season will entail. Most of his work he remained mum on, but he not only confirmed for all of us Bond fans that the script for the next one is completed, but that he has completed all but the last two of the scripts for the next season of Penny Dreadful and has outlined up to the season finale of the potential third season. This is the kind of advance planning and hard work that makes me admire some showrunners and writers so much, so that by itself makes me happy.

However, for those of you less impressed with the knowledge that things are getting done and desiring spoilers, you will likely be disappointed. The only major announcement was that Madame Kali, introduced in the first season in a séance, will be returning as the main villain in the second season. Most of what John Logan was willing to talk about was process and what it was like to run his first television show. He also admitted that the main characters will leave London next season and that there will be more supernatural creatures, although he is delighted that he will have a human villain rather than a supernatural one (the season’s main villain was a vampire, which he referred to as “the generic monster”). I can’t wait to see what he comes up with, as he is an excellent writer and has an overarching plan for the first three seasons of the show already.

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