Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman Square Off in Teaser For Doritos Vs. Mountain Dew Super Bowl Ad

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman squaring of in this teaser for a Doritos vs. Mountain Dew ad for the Superbowl is kind funny but short, no pun intended. It makes you wonder just what’s going to happen when the ad runs fully during the biggest game of the year for the NFL. This is that time of year when advertisers start digging deep into their pockets for a one to one and half minute spot during Superbowl Sunday. I’ve heard rumors of how much an ad can cost during the Superbowl, and at this point around $5 million buys a company about thirty seconds of air time. Think about the companies that are buying a minute or more and just feel free to faint when you realize just how much is being spent on advertising alone. That’s getting close to $200 thousand a second depending on how long the commercial is, and you know that they’re trying to pack in as many commercials as they can during the game. Every time they get a chance they’ll go to commercial because this is when a good part of the nation is tuned in to see who wins the final game of the season.

That means more exposure for a company’s product, and more exposure means more sales, and so on and so forth. Getting big name stars for their ads is also a huge bonus since a lot of people seem to want to buy products that are endorsed by those that are seen as ‘experts’ because they’re famous. Even if they’re not seen as experts by some they’re still famous so their opinion must mean a great deal more than the average person. Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage are both big name stars so it’s not hard to wonder why any company would want them to endorse their product. Morgan Freeman’s voice alone would be a great selling point for many products since he has that kind of narrative tone that can make anything sound good.

Peter Dinklage’s voice isn’t quite as legendary but the man himself has swiftly become something of a megastar during his time as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. His star status was already well established by the time he came to GoT, but thanks to the show he’s become something of a legend fans and at least fairly well known to those few people that have never watched an episode of GoT. Freeman has been a legend for a while obviously as most anyone can name at least a handful of films they’ve seen him in.

Honestly it’s never that surprising to see A-list celebrities popping up during Superbowl ads this time of year, largely because it promotes them as much as it does the product. People want to see the stars more than the product and they want to see entertaining commercials as well. With the way things have been going with the NFL since last year however it might be that more people will tune in for the commercials this time around than the game. Or not.

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