Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46


The acting community suffered a huge loss this weekend as news broke that Philip Seymour Hoffman was dead at 46 from an apparent heroin overdose. The actor was found dead in his Manhattan apartment in circumstances that very much indicated an overdose of the drug. Hoffman had previously been in rehab last year after relapsing into substance abuse. He’d been clear for more than 20 years, since he was 22, but recently fell off the wagon. Too far, it seems.

Hoffman won an Oscar for his work in Capote, and has an enormous body of film work nearly without equal. This is a huge loss for the industry, and even though he’s rarely been on TV, we mourn him on this site all the same. The man was an inspiration to anyone who appreciates acting, as he turned bad roles into good ones, and great roles into legendary performances in movies like Doubt, Charlie Wilson’s War, The Master, Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski and even recently, The Hunger Games, which he nearly just finished shooting.

Hoffman leaves behind three children and a longtime partner, and our thoughts and prayers are with them. If you’re suffering from substance abuse yourself, please let this be the moment where you seek out help.

[Photo via Rich Schultz/Stringer]

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