Photos – LOST 6.13 “The Last Recruit”

Some crazy reveals in the most recent episode of LOST, right? First of all, the whispers are basically ghosts who are trapped on the island (for one reason or another). In a way, the island is almost like purgatory, it seems. Maybe not in the literal sense, but it is a place that is basically holding Hell (or the evil Smoke Monster) in check and it’s also the resting place for ghosts who are unable to leave. So, yeah…purgatory.

I like the fact that the sideways world and the real world are starting to come together. Hurley remembering his life on the island with Libby (albeit briefly) gives me hope that there is, in fact, a bloody point to the sideways world (sorry, guys, but it’s been bugging me until the recent episode with Desmond).

The biggest surprise, however, was the fact that Sideways Desmond essentially ran down Sideways Locke with his car. What’s the deal with that? Any thoughts?

ABC has released some promo photos for the upcoming April 20 new episode of Lost, which you can view below. After that, Lost will be on hiatus on April 27 and ABC will be showing a rerun of the Richard-centric episode that aired recently.

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  • Handsome Smitty

    Des ran down Locke to "show him" – just like telling Hurley maybe he should Listen! It's not revenge! It's to save their souls

  • beejchitown

    Sideways Locke is going to get "fixed" by Jack. Funny, Jack has given up on fixing people, things. In sideways world he'll be fixing Locke.Desmond had to know something about that. He's crazy – like a fox.I do worry that he got banged up a bit down in the well… MIB/notLocke was afraid when he asked Des why wasn't HE afraid? MIB is afraid of that kid.So much going on in this episode, fabulous.

  • Seabiscuit

    Thanks for sharing the promo pics! Josh and Evangeline are rocking the wet look.

  • Zed Black

    Desmond is trying to ather everyone into the hospital

  • Clarissa

    Do you really think sideways Locke will be fixed by Jack or that he'll die because he's dead in the real world and the two worlds need to somehow match up? I'm not really sure.Can't wait to see what happened to Desmond in the well. Chances are he'll come across the Frozen Donkey Wheel and big things will happen.

  • Josh

    I thin that its much simpler than that, Des ran Locke down because his bleedover effect is happening and he still thinks that the Smoke Monster is Locke. He did just throw his down a well for godsake.It made me sad to see John like that, so helpless :(

  • hypoop

    desmond doesn't do 'revenge'. that would be pretty dumb.

  • hypoop

    Maybe sideways Locke is the key to defeating MiB. If Locked can connect with his other reality, he may be able to see from the perspective of MiB, and perhaps transfer his own consciousness to he real world. Or SOMETHING.

  • dp2

    That would be more like limbo than Purgatory. Purgatory is a waiting room for Heaven.

  • canaanm

    When Fake Locke asked Desmond who he though he was on the island, Desmond says he thinks he's John Locke, not the smoke monster.I think Desmond runs over Locke in the alternate timeline because he's seeking revenge for "Locke" trying to kill him on the island (throwing him down the well). I think it's another clue that the two worlds are linked

  • canaanm

    Whoops, that was supposed to be a reply Josh's post. Sorry!

  • BDub

    I was thinking the same thing. Good post

  • Clarissa

    I stand corrected – limbo it is!Maybe I should have brushed up on my "Divine Comedy".

  • AnonymousLost

    At the end of episode 6.11, Desmond tells his driver that he needs to show something to the Oceanic 815 passengers.He meant that he wanted to make them see their "real" livesHe was able to see his real life when he almost drowned, while Charlie saw his when he was choking on the flight…both near-death experiencesBy running him over (as crazy as it sounds lol ) Desmond probably wants to give Locke a near-death experience as well, so that he can remember his "real" life

  • borstasha

    Desmond definitely ran Locke down – and made sure he was not dead- so that Jack could save him and fix him. This will also probably result in the intersection of our gang's lives at the hospital:Jack and LockeClaire in labourSayid there to see his brotherSun and Jin are already on the way there with her gunshot/baby traumaWe will see somehow Kate and Sawyer end up there and Sawyer will see Juliet (barf) as well.

  • saab

    No way – how would Desmond ensure that jack was the one to operate on Locke? I think he just wanted to give locke a near death experience as Charlie did to him

  • Clark

    Pretty sure he just tried to give him a strong emotional experience similar to one that happened on the island. Ex: Desmond seeing Charlie drowning through a piece of glass Hurley sitting on the beach with LibbyEven the framing of the shot where Locke was run over looked like when he woke up on the beach in the first episode.

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