Pierce Brosnan Plays Goldeneye with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

Goldeneye Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon has done it again. The Tonight Show host got to live out my and I’m sure many other James Bond fans’ dreams last night on the late night talk show, when he got Mr. James Bond himself, actor Pierce Brosnan, who was promoting his new film, The November Man, to play the classic 1990’s N64 video game Goldeneye with him.

And guess what? It turns out that while he made a pretty darn good James Bond in the movies (I’d argue Brosnan is either second or third best all-time, right behind Sean Connery and probably tied with Daniel Craig) Pierce Brosnan is awful at being him in video games, as he wasn’t even able to find a weapon before Fallon shot and killed him.

“Jimmy…I thought you liked me,” Brosnan hilarious calls out, after he lasts about only thirty seconds in the game, using his “judo chop” but never finding a gun or any ammo to fight back with. You can check out the hilarious match between the actor and Tonight Show host in the video at the bottom of this article.

The video game Goldeneye was based off the 1995 James Bond film of the same name (the first and best James Bond film to feature Pierce Brosnan) and came out in 1997, enjoying both critical and commercial success. For me, personally, this was a game that my friends and I would always play together during sleepovers and overly hot summer days, as we had endless tournaments to see who was best and debated who would get the chance to play as James Bond or who would end up with the golden gun (you always wanted the golden gun).

While Jimmy Fallon continues to do awesome sketches and games with celebrities that are funny and memorable (and also end up becoming social media hits), I think his video game duel with Brosnan may the best we’ve seen from him yet.

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