Piers Morgan Live Gets Canceled

piers morgan

There was a time in television once when your name could ensure success. A big name personality could get a show (be it talk show or sitcom or what have you) and it would be known that show would run for a long time, based on star power alone. Television is in  a very different state from those days, and now a days, if you don’t bring in the ratings, your show gets canceled, no matter HOW big your name and reputation. Take for example, the news that Piers Morgan Live has been canceled by CNN. It may be surprising to everyone, but anyone who follows TV closely knows, this is how it works now.

The long and the short of the story is that CNN President Jeff Zucker just feels like the show has run its course. It was not necessarily a bad parting of ways, but more an amicable agreement to go different ways.  Some say the dipping ratings are representative that Americans don’t want someone from a different country giving them news, but I feel that paints an unfair generalization of us as a whole, and not so much a reflection on the show or host, which is where the theories need to be aimed. More details on Piers Morgan getting canceled over at The Blaze.

Best of luck to him in future endeavors.

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