A Plea For More Original Programming From Netflix

house of cards

Netflix is a monster when it comes to original programming. Let me explain why I say that and give you a visual cue so you can understand better. They turned themselves into a “network” that provides original content, and in doing so, they changed the way we watch it. Look at a show like House of Cards for instance. The caliber of talent on that show as well as the writing is a cut above most of the television we see currently. So I wanted to take a moment to plea with Netflix to keep adding original programming.

I wont lie, the way Netflix provides their shows is PERFECT and should be followed (and I can almost assure you, WILL BE followed in time). The idea that you can walk over to your computer or TV when you have the time, and catch up on as much or as little of a show as you want is amazing. Some people do not like to watch a show once a week at a preset time. Some people do not like having to work their schedules around certain shows so they don’t miss stuff. The Netflix method keeps us in control. It also lets us choose our pacing. Yes, I somewhat regretted watching all of the most recent season of Arrested Development in one week. But in the same breath, that is what made it that much easier for me to pick up on certain running jokes and connected story lines. But overall, the quality of TV we get from Netflix, as well as the freedom they give us in how we watch it is why I am pleading with Netflix to keep adding original programming.

I am convinced they are set to change TV with the way Netflix does things, and that is a change I can get behind.

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