Predictions for the TV Shows That Will Be Cancelled in 2014


As with any new TV season, the 2013-14 one has provided us with a few shows that we either find ourselves ditching out on friends to watch, DVRing, or just straight-up talking about with our coworkers because they’re so good.

But while some of the new ones we watch have inspired us to become TV junkies as if we were kids watching Saturday morning cartoons, there are a few that seem to be hanging on by a thread, getting mixed reactions from viewers.

That’s why we’re listing the five shows that we fully expect to be canned sometime in the next 12 months, making them a complete flop for a few TV execs.

[Photo via Liane Hentscher/FOX]

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  • Data1001

    “One, the actors are mid-level at best, with no recognizable names or heavy hitters for viewers to appeal with.”

    Leaving aside the estimable talents of indie darling Lili Taylor, are you seriously claiming that Karl Urban is not a recognizable name? You do realize he was in both the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the recent Star Trek films?