Predictions for the TV Shows That Will Be Cancelled in 2014

3. Sleepy Hollow, Fox

Although we admit to have never watched this show, we can’t imagine a show that is generally about the classic Washington Irving tale would succeed in any time of year other than around Halloween.

The fact that this even got approved by Fox execs to last long than just a made-for-TV, short-lived drama is besides us.

With everyone talking about the winter holidays and looking forward to the spring in the next few months, we have a feeling less eyeballs will be focused on the spooky-themed thriller.

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  • Data1001

    “One, the actors are mid-level at best, with no recognizable names or heavy hitters for viewers to appeal with.”

    Leaving aside the estimable talents of indie darling Lili Taylor, are you seriously claiming that Karl Urban is not a recognizable name? You do realize he was in both the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the recent Star Trek films?