President Obama To Binge on House of Cards on Netflix This Weekend


Sometimes, it is insane to try to imagine what life as the president must be like. I imagine a lot of running around and making crucial decisions at all hours. I imagine it a lot like the show The West Wing, to be honest. But don’t you think that President Obama must also want some time to just chill? Perhaps a weekend to catch up on his favorite shows? Well, the rumor going around the web is that THIS weekend will be that weekend for President Obama, and some of his most beloved shows.

It makes sense that the President likes House of Cards. I mean, that would be like me being a fan of a show about hack journalists. Of course I would watch that, because it pertains to me and my life. It also makes sense he is a Game of Thrones fan, as that show is also mired heavily in the idea of the complications of politics. So what is President Obama planning to do over President’s Day weekend? Well, according to the New York Times, he plans on catching up on his favorite shows. Namely, this means the binge watching of both of those shows on his Netflix account. So, in essence, as much as we may all think otherwise, the president is really just a normal guy, like the rest of us. He likes to do his president stuff, but as soon as he gets a chance, he just wants to hang out in sweat pants and catch up on his favorite shows.

This got us thinking. We wonder what else is in President’s Obama’s queue on Netflix?

[Photo via Alex Wong/Getty]

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