Why Puppy Bowl Was The Best Thing On TV Yesterday

puppy bowl

You can have your Super Bowl. You can have your expensive ads and elaborate half time shows. That is not my cup of tea. I tend to have very little invested about who wins what at sporting events. But there was one sporting event on TV yesterday that easily trumped all the others. One spectacular moment we only get to revel in once per year. A clash of the cute. A battle of the barks. The day that gives new definition to “tail”gating. I am talking about the Puppy Bowl.

I know, you may think I am lame. You know what? That is fine by me. If you think adorable puppies pretending to play football is lame, than you are no one I want to know. If you think penguin cheerleaders aren’t hilarious, something must be broken inside you. They even have a blimp that is run by hamsters. A hamster blimp. Can we take a moment to talk about just how awesome that is?

On top of that, the Halftime show for Puppy Bowl was insane. You guys can have your Bruno Mars. Do you know what WE got? Internet sensation “Keyboard Cat” playing a keyboard version of Locked Out Of Heaven. Yes, the Bruno Mars song. That is how on-point the Puppy Bowl is.

So like I said, you can have your competition and gambling and hard hitting action. I will take cute over all the stuff, any day.

[Photo via Taylor Hill/Stringer]

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