Quentin Tarantino Wants To Make a Four Hour Django Unchained Miniseries


Those familiar with Quentin Tarantino know that the director likes to…go long when it comes to his movies. He rarely makes new movies, so when he does, they’re sprawling three hour epics, or full-on two parters like Kill Bill.

But now it seems Tarantino is starting to be lured by the appeal of TV, like so many others in Hollywood these days. It allows for better longform storytelling, and Tarantino says he’s musing retelling his most recent film in the format.

“I have about 90 minutes worth of material with Django,” Tarantino said. “It hasn’t been seen. My idea, frankly, is to cut together a four-hour version of Django Unchained. But I wouldn’t show it like a four hour movie. I would cut it up into hour chapters. Like a four-part mini-series. And show it on cable television. Show it like an hour at a time, each chapter.”

“We’d use all the material I have and it wouldn’t be an endurance test. It would be a mini-series. And people love those,” Tarantino said. “People roll their eyes at a four-hour movie. But a four-hour mini-series that they like, then they are dying to watch all four parts. That’s how I thought it could work,” he said.

With an extra hour and a half of Django footage (which most people would consider a separate movie), Tarantino believes that it could be ripe for a miniseries. Now, where to air it? Given the content, HBO or Netflix really seem like the only viable options, don’t you think?

If this actually does come to pass, I wonder if it will lead to Tarantino’s next film not being a film at all, but a limited run miniseries.

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