R. Kelly Honored Nelson Mandela on Arsenio Hall SHow

Remy Carreiro December 6, 2013 0

It is always sad when a legend dies. A man whose bravery and helped change the world and define a culture. We are talking about Nelson Mandela, ofcourse. But rather than focus on that, sometimes you need to find little shining moments that hold that person up in the spotlight they deserve. That moment came when R. Kelly honored Nelson Mandela on Arsenio by dedicating and performing a powerful song in his honor.

Tis been a week full of tragedy. I think few would argue that. But of all the losses, none will echo through the halls of time quite like the loss of Nelson Mandela. We are a TV site, so we will spare you the politics, but the man was truly brave, utterly fearless, and stood by his convictions more so than any man in the history of the world. Seems Seems Kelly knew this by playing Soldier’s Heart. Here is the video from when R. Kelly honored Nelson Mandela on Arsenio. May want to grab a box of tissues.

It is hard not to get caught up in that obvious emotion and sentiment. It’s tough to lose someone who meant so much to so many people, but thanks to R. Kelly, today is a little easier.