Random Guy Interviewed about Irma Winds up Being the Smartest Fox News Guest Ever

It’s got to be kind of humbling when a random person you pick out of nowhere to interview ends up knowing more than you do. To be fair though this guy sounded pretty on top of his game. This leads me to believe he’s either been involved with a weather service or he’s just a very well-learned individual. Whatever the case I hate to disagree with him but Hurricane Irma has indeed caused more damage than he seems to have thought would be possible.

At the time of this interview the hurricane was still hundreds of miles south and appeared to be working its way in a westerly direction. At some point it finally became little more than a tropical storm, but as with most hurricanes, all of them actually, the damage wasn’t confined to just the wind damage but also included the flood damage and everything else that came with it. At last report there were over 6 million people in Florida without power and the flooding had reached truly disturbing levels.

So yeah, I don’t want to agree with this guy but I kind of need to.

He knew what he was talking about right up until he thought that it wouldn’t get any worse. Hurricanes can possibly play themselves out before they get far enough to do any real damage, but it’s not always likely. The sheer force of a hurricane and the driving winds it creates can create tsunami’s that travel for miles and miles, continually building force as the hurricane follows behind until they finally encounter an obstacle such as an island or other land mass that they can crash against and expend their full force. The problem is that hurricanes don’t just stop once they hit something, they’re like nature’s watery bulldozers in that they just keep getting stronger as they keep going. Running across land does in fact diminish them but it’s rare that they will play out so quickly.

Unlike tornadoes that last for a few minutes at most hurricanes can last for days to weeks if they’re strong enough. The eye of the hurricane is the best place to be, but only for a short time until the storm catches up and hammers those that have not seen fit to move out of the path. On the upside, hurricanes are easily spotted and can be avoided by early warnings to evacuate. Of course some people don’t exactly heed those warnings and figure they can ride it out in bunkers or other areas that they believe are secure.

This guy knew what he was talking about but the truth is that he didn’t entirely account for the unpredictability that is nature. He sounded smarter than most people that get called aside by the various news crews, but all the same banking on a storm not hitting you just because its a couple hundred miles away is not the safest way to live when another storm already hit the US far to the west. If a storm is coming, just assume that it’s a good time to pack up and take a vacation to an area where there’s no coastline for miles and miles.


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