Reading Rainbow Gets Freaky New Theme Song


As many of you know, LeVar Burton started a Kickstarter fund to try to bring his old show, Reading Rainbow, to the masses. Well, it worked really well (as we talked about earlier in the week) and the show is a go. Good to know an informative and entertaining show like Reading Rainbow will be brought to new, future generations of kids who need that kind of stuff in their lives. Well, did you know they already leaked the new intro to the show and it is terrifying?

Okay, Okay, it is not real. Seems LeVar Burton got together with Funny or Die and decided to make a new beginning to the show. Thing is, it may seem all safe and dandy at the start, but by the end, you will be crying for your Mommy. Rather than try to explain this, We will just show. Just know, you have been forewarned. This is not the Reading Rainbow intro you grew up on.

Check Out New Reading Rainbow Intro here

The best part is, it starts out all normal and seems legit. But the more you watch, the darker it gets. If anything it shows us how cool LeVar Burton is and that he can poke fun at himself at laugh with the world. Just makes us even more impressed he pulled this off. I am pretty syked I will be able to learn to read again, too.

[Photo via Getty Images]

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