Reading Rainbow Sets Kickstarter Record (and Donald Glover to Guest)


Of all the things you want to hear succeeded, LeVar Burton’s attempt to reinvigorate and reinvent the Reading Rainbow show for a whole new generation of young people is just one of those things. Many of us in our thirties remember growing up on that show. Being taught basic fundamentals, all while being entertained. Well, we can mark this one under the “faith in humanity restored” category, as Reading Rainbow not only succeeded in reaching its goal, but broke Kickstarter records in the process. Kind of ting that just has to put a smile on your face.

As awesome as that news is by itself, do you guys remember how last season when they wrote Donald Glover off Community, they sent him on a boat across the world with LeVar Burton? Well, as part of the success of this campaign. One of the first things Reading Rainbow will be doing will be hosting an event online where LeVar Burton and Donald Glover will read stories to your children from an “ACTUAL BOAT”. I am sorry I yelled that last part, but tying up Community with Reading Rainbow on both series’ just blows my mind and makes me so happy.

See, so as much as TV likes to bring bad news sometimes, not this time. Nope, this time it is all about the return of not only Reading Rainbow, but of Donald Glover, too. The Glover part may only be a brief moment, but it sums up how awesome all of this is.

[Photo via Getty Images]

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