Recap – Mad Men 3.8 “Souvenir”

madmen2Previously on Mad Men: Betty and Henry from the governor’s office have sparks, and he’s helping her try to stop the new water tower, Conrad Hilton hired Don, Greg the Rapist told Joan she had to get another job, Sally acted out in school, Pete wants to be in NY, and Trudy wants to be with her parents.

Pete’s office. Hildy hints not so subtly that it’s 5 o’clock and she has a weekend getaway to get to. Pete sends her off with a patronizing “dear”, then the boys of Sterling Cooper gather to gab. Ken wonders why Pete is still there, since “Cooper’s in Montana, Sterling’s in Jane, and Draper’s on vacation.” Pete corrects him that Don is not on vacation, but off on a whirlwind tour of Hilton Hotels. There’s some talk about August in Manhattan and how it’s a bit of a ghost town, but Pete is happy to be there even if Trudy isn’t with him.

The Draper House. Betty sits working on a petition to save the reservoir at the kitchen table as Don walks in, freshly home from his latest trip. They make small talk but are interrupted by whooping outside. It’s the kids catching lightning bugs, and at Betty’s urging, Don goes out to join them.

Pete arrives home, yanks his shirt and tie off over his head and turns on some jazz.

Betty’s making calls to try and save the reservoir when the phone rings. It’s Conrad Hilton’s office, and Don’s being summoned to Rome on Tuesday. Betty is a little jealous. Don says there’s nothing stopping her from joining him, and she points out they have a two month old. Oh, that’s right, we just never see him because he’s perfect.

Pete eats cereal on the couch and watches cartoons. He’s still sitting there many hours later when he wakes up. He’s shown returning home with some groceries when he runs into Gudrun, the au pair for the neighbors down the hall. She’s trying to shove a dress down the garbage chute. Turns out she “borrowed” it from her employer and got a big wine stain on the the bodice. Pete offers to help her, and takes the dress. Checking the label, he sees it’s Bonwitt Teller, and he thinks he can work some magic. Gudrun is happy for the help.

Betty is shown going through the tasks of being a housewife. Later in the day, she’s shown in a tasteful outfit. She leans down to put on her lipstick, and we see Sally’s sitting at her makeup table. As Betty puts on her lipstick, Sally intently studies her while Betty never once looks at Sally. She does give her a pat on the shoulder as she leaves, and Sally studies her own face, practicing pouts, in the mirror.

Betty, Francine and another lady from the Junior League sit in a City Council meeting. They’re there about the reservoir, and anxiously awaiting Henry Francis’ appearance. He shows up in the nick of time, and delivers a request from the governor’s office for further study of the water quality. The ladies (especially Betty) are very pleased with his assistance.

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