Rejoice: Minkus Is Back In Girl Meets World

ben savage

I know half the world is still reeling from the announcement of the Boy Meets World sequel show, Girl Meets World, coming very soon. But if you guys are anything like me, one thing has been hanging over our heads since the announcement. What happened to Minkus. I mean, you do remember Minkus, right? He was that small, super nerd who hung around with the gang and then just vanished one day, never to be heard from again? Well, guess what? MINKUS IS BACK! I know I shouldn’t be as excited as I am about this, but for some reason, I find it wonderfully nostalgic.

Don’t get too excited, all you Minkus fans out there. Sadly, as stated by E, he is only set to star in one episode of the show. Disney is also being real mum about just what the reunion will entail, or what his story line will be. Man, way to make the fans drool with nerd anticipation, huh? I bet it would be very safe to assume that Minkus will be coming back Bill Gates style. He probably went off, created some super program, and has steadily become extremely rich and well known in his absence. This is Disney, so it is safe to say he will not be playing a villain, but it will be really cool to see how they cast him, and to get to see him interacting with his old on-screen friends.

Girl Meets World debuts this Summer on the Disney Channel.

[Photo via Thos Robinson/Stringer]

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