Revolution 2.21 Review: “Memorial Day”


by Lindsay Bradley

Revolutions penultimate episode picked up steam a bit too late after it was announced last week that the show won’t be coming back after this season.

Continuing from last week, Monroe now has Neville on board which can be seen as a good thing as he’s one of the best and most ruthless fighters on the show. The downside is that he’s also insane and he has just lost his family. As the episode progresses, Monroe begins to have doubts about having Neville around.

Marion, having agreed to spy on Truman for them is rightfully beginning to fear for her life the more she finds out about the Patriots’ plans. She has been trying to recruit others to help and one of them is Joe, who is working at the train station. He shows Miles, Charlie and Scanlon the train that is carrying mustard gas and there is far too much for them to neutralise. Miles can see no solution but for them to steal the train. Scanlon predictably, is spying on Miles for Monroe which is something that Miles should have spotted from the beginning.

Miles needed six townspeople to help them do this but Marion, only manages to bring two. Unsurprisingly Miles isn’t the most popular man in town. Two are better than nothing however and they improvise with the plan. Marion doesn’t want to go back to Willoughby and pretend to be happy with Truman because she is afraid. She later finds out after a little snooping that the Patriots are planning to use the mustard gas on the Texas President the next day.

Rachel seems to be the only person worried about Aaron and Priscilla and is left to go find them by herself. She hears the familiar tune of We Built This City blasting out and goes to investigate. She finds herself at the house and Aaron answers, begging her to leave. Rachel is never one to back down from a fight and walks in to see Priscilla. Aaron reveals that she has been taken over by the nanotech and is experimenting with the humans. There was potential with the nanotech storyline but unfortunately, they have become power hungry robots wanting to take over the world.

Priscilla shows Rachel the rat room, where hundreds rats run around content and without a care. They don’t care because they are being controlled by the nanotech. This is something that the nanotech wants to do for the human race. Creepy. Priscilla leaves to recruit more humans to experiment on leaving Aaron and Rachel to come up with a plan to defeat them and bring Priscilla back. The nanotech brings back the power near them, so as she returns they electrocute her hoping to force them out. It doesn’t work and now the nanotech is furious. Do you remember when the show was about life without any power?

Miles and the gang manage to get in and steal the train quite easily. Looking back it was a little too easy but hindsight is a wonderful thing. As they stop the train at the rendezvous point, they realise Scanlon has tricked them. Monroe, Connor and Neville are waiting for them. Miles knew he should have killed Scanlon when he had the chance. The plan backfires for both parties, as Neville is determined to shoot Charlie this time but Miles stands in front of her. Monroe definitely doesn’t want Miles dead so he manages to stop Neville. Shots are fire and hit the mustard gas tank. Miles checks for any damage and realises that the tank was empty all along. The gas wasn’t being held there. It was a trick. It’s being held at the memorial party in Willoughby, General Carver has come over along with the President of the US to unite against the threat of California.

It was most likely a trick to see who was feeding Patriot information to the rebels. It wouldn’t be surprising if Truman had men spying on Marion, initially to keep her safe and then to see what she was up to. After all, he didn’t seem surprised that she found the mustard gas and was more than willing to kill her for it. He had given her a necklace before the memorial but removed it as she laid there, dead. He might have cared for her at some point, but now possessions and power appear to have taken over.

Back by the train, Joe informs the gang about the memorial gathering as they realise they’ve been conned. Why couldn’t he have mentioned something sooner just in case? Monroe for the time being is willing to help stop the attack as deep down still hopes that Miles will join him to reform the Monroe Republic. Connor is furious. He has had enough of being second best to Miles, what hold does he have on his father?  He’s jealous and wary of Miles, as his father is willing to bend over backwards for him. It would have been enjoyable to explore Monroe and Miles’ relationship but the show is running out of time and it is doubtful it’ll be looked at in detail.

We reach the final episode of Revolution next week and whilst this second season has been far from perfect, I can’t help but feel sad to see the show come to an end. Let’s hope for a satisfying ending that will preferably involve the Patriots defeated!

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