Richard Grieco To Join 22 Jump Street


Ah, Richard Grieco. The man they brought in hoping he would eclipse Johnny Depp’s charisma on 21 Jump Street. The thing is, he didn’t. He was cool and all, but definitely did not take the place of Depp at all. The thing is, many people still talk and joke about Richard Grieco. He was kind of like Tony Danza, with a badge. Well, good news for the ironic Richard Grieco fans out there. Seems the former TV star has a pretty sweet cameo in 22 Jump Street.

You guys do remember how awesome the cameos from the 21 Jump Street movie were, right? I mean, who expected to see Johnny Depp? On top of that, who expected to see him killed? No one and no one. Looks like the guys behind this movie reboot understand that meta humor works, and now they are getting Johnny Depp’s replacement to (pure speculation here) play Johnny Depp’s replacement. If they do the joke like that, it will kill. Let’s hope the writers think like me on this one.

You wanna know who is more stoked about this than anyone right now? Richard Grieco. I think we can safely assume the 22 Jump Street was the call he had been waiting for for the last fifteen years. Good for him. Whatever they have him doing, expect it to summon some big laughs.

[Photo via Kevin Winter/Getty]

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  • The Dude

    Depp’s cameo was very brilliant and well done and I don’t think any one will top it.