Rider Strong to Appear on Girl Meets World

rider strong

I know, I know. I am kinda lame for my love of Boy Meets World. But I really can’t help it. That show was harmless fun in a time when shows like that seemed to be going extinct. Now we have nihilism tv (like Breaking Bad) that is amazing, but in the complete other direction of a show like Boy Meets World. I also think few would argue that Rider Strong was one of the coolest things about that show. A cool guy in a world filled with nerds. Well, good news for Strong fans like me. Rider Strong will appear on Girl Meets World! I know I shouldn’t be this excited about this, I am a grown man.

So as you all know, Girl Meets World will be the follow up to Boy Meets World, with the kids in the first show being the adults now. Many people were wondering what this meant for some of the cast members of the first show. Well, good news. As TV Line points out, Rider Strong will appear on Girl Meets World. That is good news, but don’t get too excited. He is not set to be a regular, but may be making more than one appearance.

Girls Meets World is set to premiere are some point in 2014. We are not fully sure of the details yet, but you can bet when we learn more about this glorious show, so will you.

[Photo via Jason LaVeris/Getty]

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