Rik Mayall from the MTV Cult Show The Young Ones Has Passed Away


There was a time in my life when I loved Sunday nights at midnight because MTV ran a show called The Young Ones that I found brilliant and no one else knew about. It was actually a BBC show MTV picked up (back when they still did cool stuff like that) and I just thought the show was a riot. Surreal, slapstick, and insane, it was was kick started my love for British TV (which I have carried with me my whole life). Well, bad news today for fans of that wonderful show. Rik Mayall best known for his run as “Rick” on The Young Ones has passed away at 56 years young.

Though the British actor did much more than just play Rick on the Young Ones, that is what he is best known for on these shores. You may also know him as the titular Fred character in the Drop Dead Fred movie so many of us loved (or hated). Rik Mayall left quite an impression with the few roles we got to see him in, and it is with a very heavy heart I bring this news today. Police say nothing seems fishy about his death, and he did have a bike accident not long ago that left him in a coma. Too early to say, but that may have factored in.

All in all, I wish a mighty farewell to a very memorable character from my youth. Do this man some justice and go find and watch Young Ones. You will be glad you did. It was bloody brilliant (and mostly written by him).

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