Rob Zombie and Bret Easton Ellis Team Up For Show About the Manson Family

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Amid all the buzzing Oscar stories, there is one story from Variety that almost got ignored today. But it wont get ignored by me because this is the kind of thing I live for. Horror director Rob Zombie (House of a Thousand Corpses) and writer Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) are teaming up to make a television show about the Manson family. Yes, you just read that correctly. I am not sure if you are all fans of the dark stuff like I am, but this news gets me really excited.

So Rob Zombie and Bret Easton Ellis team up. Do you even realize the amount of weird depravity that will probably come out of those two? On top of that, the source material is true, and based on a cult of serial killers who obeyed the charismatic commands of one man. The show is being optioned by Fox, and will focus on the Manson family, who were behind the slaying of the pregnant Sharon Tate way back in the late sixties. Many look at the Manson family as the death blow to the hippy era, and it will be interesting to see these two powerhouses meet up put their own personal spin on it. Bret Easton Ellis will be writing the script, with Zombie doing the potential directing.

The deal is still in its earliest stages, and is said to be a mini series as of now, but further details are still scarce. Heck, you guys know I will be all over this, so stay tuned here for more details.

[Photo via Jag Gundu/Stringer]

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