Ron Burgundy Will Not Host SportsCenter

Paul December 6, 2013 0

I’ve said a few times how much I like the viral push for Anchorman 2, which isn’t trailers or posters, but Will Ferrell going all around the country doing various televised things…as Ron Burgundy. How could you possibly have better promotion than that?

But sadly, his whirlwind tour is missing one stop. Burgundy was set to appear on SportsCenter this week, but ESPN cancelled his appearance after allegations surfaced that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was facing battery charges against a young woman. Guess they didn’t want to see Ron Burgundy make light of that.

Too bad, because Burgundy on SportsCenter would have been really fun. The film comes out in just a few weeks now, so perhaps there’s still a bit of time to get him on a future episode somehow. I also wish that Steve Carell was going around appearing places as Brick, but we can only hope for so much, I guess.