Ron Perlman Had Quite the Head of Hair When He Was Younger

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So Ron Perlman just recently posted a photo of his younger self onto his Twitter, and I gotta say, the guy looks more like Jax Teller in this picture rather than Clay Morrow. I honestly can’t determine exactly what decade this photo is from (although it’s got to be the ’70s or ’80s), but one thing is clear: Ron Perlman had quite the head of hair when he was younger.

As I mentioned above, this photo is far cry from the gritty, tough biker criminal that Perlman played on Sons of Anarchy, or even his devilish, demonic superhero alter ego Hellboy from both Hellboy films. Ron Perlman, at least for my lifetime, has pretty much been synonymous with strength, manliness, and tattoos. But this Ron Perlman? He looks like he could probably be a stand-in for some pop band, as he “grooved” out to the sweet music.

Jokes aside, however, what this shows us is that Ron Perlman has an awesome sense of humor. Not many celebrities like having any type of embarrassing photos of themselves out there, let alone post these pictures themselves. But here’s Perlman, doing his best to make us all laugh, and that’s pretty great.

Since finishing his run on Sons of Anarchy, Perlman has been keeping himself busy in the film industry, with roles in upcoming movies like DermaphoriaPoker Night, and the Roland Emmerich political drama Stonewall. In addition to those films, a third Hellboy movie has also been announced, and Perlman may reprise his role in the sequel of Pacific Rim (although that’s just speculation for right now).

Here’s the full version of Perlman’s photo.

Ron Perlman Full

Photo via Twitter

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