Rose McIver Cast in New CW Zombie Show, iZombie

rose mciver

I have to admit, I am getting intrigued by the new CW zombie show, iZombie. The premise seems equal parts fun and insane. A girl who is a med student gets turned into a zombie. She then takes a job at a coroners office so she can feed her need for BRRAAIIINNNS. The kicker is, she also gets the memories of the person when she eats their brains. This leads to solving murders and stuff, all as a zombie. Well, we know who our lead zombie will be. Rose McIver of Once Upon a Time.

Rose plays Tinkerbell on that show, and that is quite a leap, huh. To go from playing Tinkerbell to playing a self aware, murder solving, med student zombie who works at a coroner’s office. Can I say, TV has gotten pretty cool. It was known about a decade ago and further back that if you wanted to be on TV, you were playing family members of boyfriend and girlfriend, or good guys and bad guys. Now, you can go from playing a fairy to playing a zombie. Man, I may need to get in to TV. Seriously, I am charismatic, I think I could pull it off.

Please keep in mind iZombie is being written by Veronica Mars writer and creator, Rob Thomas (not the Matchbox 20 guy) and so that alone, shows you what kind of league iZombie will be playing in. Head over to TV Line for more details.

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